Guinea Bissau || Small & lovely West Africa Country

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Guinea Bissau || Small & lovely West Africa Country (Guinea Bissau 2019)

Guinea Bissau is a small Undiscovered West African country, formerly a Portuguese colony. We travel to Cacheu and also to Bijagos. Is a pacific country, with friendly people and nice weather, and don't understand why his small Africa country is so undiscovered.

We will post new videos as soon as we make a trip. We enjoy traveling with our family and friends. Our videos are about the travels we made, and we like to show the most beautiful footages seen to encourage people to visit those places. We aim to produce videos to help people to travel in a budget, linking below the places we have visited.

I'm sorry the lens is so dirty, but it's beginner stuff. I hope we can improve the quality a lot, so we put all the videos. The good ones, the less good ones and the like so :-)

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Only 14% of the population speaks noncreolized Portuguese, established as both the official and national language. Portuguese exists in a creole continuum with Crioulo, a Portuguese creole spoken by half the population (44%) and an even larger number speak it as the second tongue, the remainder speaks a variety of native African languages. There are diverse religions in Guinea-Bissau with no one religion having a majority. The CIA World Factbook (2018) states there are about 40% Muslims, 22% Christians, 15% Animists and 18% unspecified or other. The country's per-capita gross domestic product is one of the lowest in the world.

Guinea-Bissau is a member of the United Nations, African Union, Economic Community of West African States, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, Community of Portuguese Language Countries, La Francophonie and the South Atlantic Peace and Cooperation Zone, and was a member of the now-defunct Latin Union.

The town of Cacheu is situated in the territory of the Papel people. The name is of Bainuk origin: "i.e. Caticheu, meaning 'the place where we rest'."
Cacheu was one of the earliest European colonial settlements in sub-Saharan Africa, due to its strategic location on the Cacheu river. Cacheu developed a European/Afro-European population from the late fifteenth century through an informal settlement of Cape Verdean and Portuguese traders, adventurers and outcasts (lancados). The authorities in mainland Portugal also sent to Cacheu degredados - people condemned to exile for a variety of offenses.

Notable buildings in Cacheu include the Portuguese-built 16th-century fort, dating from the period when Cacheu was a center for the slave trade.

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